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Embedded in the coastal town of Mombasa is our head office, with a liaison office in Nairobi, Kenya. AsaRay Tours (AsaRay) is an elite family safari company, dedicated to bringing you a dream safari/tour or vacation, and is also represented on AsaRay’s specialty is customized safari packages created with your intimate involvement and partnership. Our vision is to touch your heart with lasting memories and “best in class” personalized service.

The company’s commitment to family enables a strong belief in wholesome pragmatic safari packages that combine wildlife picturesque tours with a blend of charming local culture and education. AsaRay's staff has extensive local and worldwide exposure that enables better personalized approaches and services. Our commitment to the safety and enjoyment of our guests is the passion behind the quality and execution of our tours. We are committed to continued personnel development as a conduit to superb hospitality.

Our promise is executional excellence, a desire to welcome you, and a passion to bring you back again. Inherent in this promise is the desire and appreciation to give back to the community. Your visit will support AsaRay contribution to university scholarships, support of local schools and orphanages, and sponsorship of local seminars on healthy leaving. AsaRay’s support of community work is part of the company’s dedication to family. Book your dream safari today and be ready to be wowed – come enjoy East Africa. 

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