Cultural Discoveries

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Get beyond the tourist façade of Kenyan parks and venture into the tribal cultures and history. Focus on the local culture, past and present, and discover the lifeblood of our people. AsaRay’s experts will help you understand the characteristics of our tribes, with a special focus on the Kenyan coastal strip. Learn more about the beliefs, attitudes, values and social behavior patterns of the Mijikenda tribes, their inter-connection with Arabs to create the Swahili language and the origin of famous Kaya among mijikenda tribes. You will discover their way of life, including an opportunity to meet and mingle with local people tribal groups. Discover the ancient way of life integrated in modern culture- learn about the Masai, Samburu, and Turkana (very similar and yet so different), the GEMA (Kikuyu, Embu, Meru, and Akamba), the Luhya and the Luo. This safari will leave you with a rich new exposure and experience on the breadth of cultural

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