Sample Itineraries: 

These are short interesting daily trips of adventure within a given city and its surroundings with a focus on Mombasa, Nairobi, and Nakuru. Excursions are mainly day trips to variety of sites that highlight history, culture, sightseeing, or traditions of a given ethnic group.

Excursions range from city tours, bush tours, cultural tours, and nature walks etc., and will take you to discover the rich history of a place based on your location, expose you to the rich cultural back grounds/practices and the appreciation of people and places. Excursions are convenient and easy to plan in a short period of time. If you are on 7-14 days holiday and do not have the energy to do a safari, then chose to do at least one excursion and you will love the experience.

The AsaRay team assures you a perfect and satisfactory experience on any excursions.

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*All featured itineraries are samples for purchase. However, AsaRay’s specialty is customized safari packages created with your intimate involvement and partnership.