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Sample Itineraries: 

Charitable organizations continue to be at the core of international investments in Africa. The majority of charitable effort is in support of social welfare/causes and economic growth, and Kenya is donor beneficiary country for people committed or those who want to experience or see firsthand their influence on the future social, cultural, and economic footprint/change. These guests are truly at the heart of AsaRay core values. At AsaRay, we believe that giving back is at the core of "loving humanity" by caring, nurturing, and educating; developing, and enhancing "what is best in people"—touching lives.

AsaRay would be delighted to be your travel destination partner of choice to enable you as you embark on a heart-warming journey experience as you seek firsthand experience in charity work and/or as you facilitate meetings with on the ground organizations. We will assist you and your delegation in travel across Kenya to oversee or join select organizations of interest as you seek to see the impact of your efforts on this society and people. The reward will be awesome and gratifying as we help you fulfill your philanthropic goals in a journey to discover the choices in very self-rewarding involvement to realize the breadth and social wellbeing of programs in service to public interest via Philanthropy or Missions.

AsaRay’s delight will be your fulfillment on a Journey that takes you beyond giving to quality time with organizations and institutions of your respective interest. We will expose you to some remarkable local initiatives that focus on education and social programs to support women and young girls – programs to eradicate poverty; family life balance with a focus on fertility and reduction in infant mortality; Christian educational centers which help propel young girls and women from under-privileged communities to fulfill their potential via education; church initiatives that include a visit to an orphanage, women shelters, community projects centers for youth and children; and non-profit health facilities that assist patients with terminal illness such as breast cancer, HIV, and mental illness.

This journey will enrich and laud the power of giving back. So come experience this amazing journey! It will change your life experience—a different African experience, community service at your fingertips.

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